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Our clients care about three things, speed, reliability and expertise

Our IT Support service in Claremont is proven to deliver all three. 98% of our clients are completely satisfied with our expert service. You’ll love our award-winning service because we provide friendly IT Support as well as timely and effective strategic advice

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You’ll also have access to a range of expert IT managed services

Remote Working

Stay connected at all times with remote IT. Access to quick and easy remote IT Support means Claremont businesses can get their IT issues fixed quickly. You don’t need to leave your customers behind when you leave the office. There are many useful tools and systems out there to allow you to keep working, even when you’re not in the office.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing places all of your data and applications on hardware in a data centre, which you can access anywhere – all you need is a device and an internet connection. Whether you’re in the office, at home or connected to a public hotspot, you can continue working as normal. Never lose your data again with cloud computing services.

Email Security

The importance of secure email is often disregarded by many businesses. Threats such as hackers, virus spam, phishing and identity theft are on the rise – so don’t ignore them. These threats aren’t always obvious; people are coming up with more ingenious ways to disguise their intentions, and you are unlikely to realise until it’s too late.

Mac Support

Experts in Mac IT Support. As experts in providing high-quality, specialised IT services, we can help all business Mac users.


Threats from viruses, hackers and malware are very high, and they pose serious risk to your business. Most viruses are designed to steal your data – such as credit card numbers, online bank account details, and other valuable assets like login names and passwords. Other viruses are there to specifically cause problems for your business.

Cyber Security Services

As cyber security experts, we recommend multiple layers of protection, such as two-factor authentication, dark web monitoring and cyber security awareness training. We can help with the development of IT Security Policies, helping you to attain security certification (ISO 27001/Cyber Essentials) and design Disaster Recovery Plans.

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Our services are perfect for your business if:

1. You are an SME with 10-250+ people in your company
2. You’re looking for 24/7 IT Support available 365 days a year at a fixed monthly cost
3. You have a business within finance, property, or other professional services sector
4. You want access to your IT Support quickly, within just minutes
5. You’re looking for IT Support company which helps you achieve your business goals
6. You’re looking for an 100% IT company
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Getting IT Support in Claremont is simple!